mediacentric® by ChapsVision

Cyber Threat Intelligence | OSINT | Multichannel Vigilance

MediaCentric® by ChapsVision offers 24/7 multi-source (web, tv, radio) acquisition and in-depth analysis of multimedia and multilingual content for weak signal detection and anticipation.

Anticipation of cyber threats and IS vulnerability monitoring

Multi-channel vigilance in crisis situations

ROSO for counter-terrorism and anti-crime

an all-in-one solution for investigation and anticipation

In response to the alert and information control needs of cyber intelligence and crisis management actors, MediaCentric® by ChapsVision ensures a complete process covering the collection of multi-source and multi-format data volumes according to the user’s request, advanced content processing, dynamic and synthetic visualisation of results, as well as the editing of reports for information dissemination.

All of its functionalities are accessible from a single, modular and ergonomic interface.

Designed for fast and efficient decision making, MediaCentric® by ChapsVision provides real-time alerts related to the situation.

an expert process

Data collection & metadata

advanced content processing

visualisation, exploitation & analyse

in-depth information

MediaCentric® by ChapsVision is capable of extracting the richness of content, especially video, and rendering it in a structured way.

  • Detection and extraction of metadata, subtitles, closed captions
  • Detection of faces in images and videos
  • Identification of who is speaking, in which language and what is being said
  • Automatic speech-to-text transcription
  • Translation (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, English, …)
Analyse vocale des vidéos - MediaMonitoring

data visualization tools to support decision making

  • Real-time alerts and notifications.
  • Configurable dashboard.
  • Relational graphs, timelines, profile sheets.
  • Search engine and multilingual cross media players.
  • Editing, distribution and export of reports.

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