sales module
digital in store

The Sales module of the Digital In-Store solution enables your sales teams to offer an omnichannel shopping experience to their customers.

Increase in turnover

Improving the shopping experience

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

In-store Order

The In-store Order is a solution that allows you to improve your omnichannel strategy. With this solution you can :

  • Unify your stock visibility.
  • Your teams can connect to all stocks (shop, warehouse, other points of sale…).
  • Place an order in shop for a product not available at the point of sale
  • Greater capacity of product references
  • Digitalisation of shops

What are the advantages?

  • Know how to respond to customers’ requests and increase their satisfaction rate
  • Reduce lost sales
  • Increase turnover
  • Equip sales staff with digital solutions that increase their power and optimise their daily tasks
Order Management System

Pick-up in store

Paiement - ChapsVision

As a complementary feature to Click & Collect, Pick-up in store allows customers to collect products ordered online but not available in the shop.

OMS Octipas then takes care of finding the best shipping strategy so that the delivery time is as short as possible. The customer is notified by e-mail and/or SMS when the product is available in the shop.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased conversion rate and turnover.
  • Generation of traffic in shop
  • Real-time stock consolidation via the Octipas OMS
  • Order orchestration
  • Order preparation and tracking tools

Remote accompanied sales

Remote accompanied sales allow you to offer a new and personalised customer experience. Thanks to live shopping and the sales tablet, your sales advisors are able to accompany the customer throughout the entire distance purchasing process. The sale can be carried out in video, so the customer can discover the products and get advice on their purchases, without even leaving their sofa!

What are the advantages?

  • Close links with customers
  • Omnichannel presence, and therefore increased visibility
  • Instant purchase
  • Proactive selling. The shop comes to the customer, not the other way around


OMS : order management system

Orchestrate the omnichannel management of your orders and avoid stock-outs


Offer your customers a complete omnichannel shopping experience 


Remove the boundary between digital and physical commerce  

emerchandising &

Enhance the user experience on your e-commerce site and in your shops 


Manage the tasks inherent in shop management from your sales staff’s tablet


Put an end to stock fragmentation and repetitive stock-outs

Returns & refunds

Develop a seamless experience with your customers from start to finish


Empower your salespeople to be at the heart of a unique customer experience

Product recommendation

Offer the right product at the right time to the right customer

Vendor Performance Optimisation

Optimise the relational, commercial and organisational power of your salespeople  

Customer testimonials


+ 100%

of customer accounts created*

+ 6%

of additional turnover per shop

1 hour/day

of time saved by sales staff*


online transformation rate*

+ 50%

productivity of the e-Business team

*Best results observed with our clients

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