Data privacy policy

  • Introduction

The company CHAPSVISION, as well as all the other entities that make up the group (Coheris, Ocitpas, NP6 and Flandrin IT), recognize the importance of guaranteeing the protection of personal data and are making strong commitments to that effect.

In the course of its business, CHAPSVISION  may process your personal data.

CHAPSVISION undertakes to ensure that the collecting and processing of those personal data through the website and/or as part of using the solutions of CHAPSVISION’s group, are carried out in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with the French law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 (known as the “Informatique et Libertés” law) on computing, files and liberties, as amended and in force, as well as with the recommendations made by the CNIL, the French Data Protection Authority (“Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés”).

This policy provides information on how your personal data is processed by CHAPSVISION.

CHAPSVISION may occasionally modify this privacy policy particularly in order to take into account legislative and regulatory changes, and any changes in the organisation of CHAPSVISION.

CHAPSVISION advises users to regularly review this page to take note of any changes or updates to our privacy policy. This policy was updated on 11 September 2021.

To protect your privacy and your personal data as efficiently as possible, CHAPSVISION appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). That individual, who is the main point of contact for the supervisory authority, is responsible for ensuring that CHAPSVISION processes your data in accordance with the regulations. You can contact the Data Protection Officer of CHAPSVISION at the following email address:

  1. CHAPSVISION’s commitments

In general, CHAPSVISION undertakes to comply with the regulations applicable to all processing of personal data carried out by the company. Therefore, CHAPSVISION commits to respect the following guidelines:

  • CHAPSVISION processes your personal data in a fair, lawful and transparent manner;
  • CHAPSVISION collects your personal data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and will not process your personal data in a way incompatible with those purposes;
  • CHAPSVISION ensures that the processed personal data shall be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;
  • CHAPSVISION will process your personal data in such a way as to ensure an appropriate level of security for that data;
  • Each processing operation will be carried out while taking into account the data protection principles, in order to be in compliance with the data protection privacy by design;
  • CHAPSVISION guarantees to secure and protect your personal data. To this end, CHAPSVISION only works with trusted partners;
  • The personal data processed by CHAPVISION is stored either in our databases or in the databases of our service providers.The hosting servers on which CHAPSVISION processes the data are located solely within the European Union. If, for technical reasons, personal data processing may involve transfers of personal data outside of the European Union, in that case standard contractual clauses or binding corporate rules would be implemented/put in place.
  • Recipients of the data: the authorised persons within CHAPSVISION, and in some cases, its subcontractors (our “trusted providers”) can have access to your personal data. CHAPSVISION makes its best efforts to ensure that this number of people is as limited as possible and maintains the confidentiality and security of your personal data.
  • CHAPSVISION only shares with its trusted providers the information they need to perform the service and the company asks them not to use your personal data for other purposes. CHAPSVISION always makes its best efforts to ensure that all the trusted suppliers with whom it works maintain the confidentiality and security of your data. CHAPSVISION also ensures that when its relations with a trusted provider come to an end, the aforementioned provider shall delete your personal data without delay. CHAPSVISION may ask its trusted providers to perform a service that requires the processing of your personal data, for example in the following cases:
  • hosting CHAPSVISION’s website;
  • storing your personal data;
  • performing maintenance on our equipments/software.
  • CHAPSVISION will respect your rights as the data subject and shall make its best efforts to satisfy your requests, as long as those requests are legitimate and well-founded.
  1. CHAPSVISION’s commitments in its role as data controller

CHAPSVISION, when acting as data controller, is responsible for the personal data that you provide to the company.

Every digital or hard copy form that you submit limits the collection of personal data to what is strictly necessary and describes:

– the aims of collecting that data;

– if the data is compulsory or optional for managing your request;

– who will be able to access the data;

– your “Informatique et Libertés” rights as well as how to exercise those rights with CHAPSVISION.

The personal information collected through our forms (contact form, document upload, etc.) is solely intended for CHAPSVISION. It will not be disclosed to any external parties except for management purposes or to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.

The personal data collected by CHAPSVISION is processed according to secure protocols. Therefore, CHAPSVISION takes all adequate measures to protect the confidentiality of your personal data. However, CHAPVISION cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the messages that you may send via an open telecommunications network.

As a group, the personal data collected can be accessible to each entity belonging to CHAPSVISION, in accordance with the GDPR.

  • The personal data CHAPSVISION may collect includes for example:

– identification data, such as your forenames, surnames, your address, phone number, email address;

– application data if you wish to apply at CHAPSVISION, such as your CV, your diplomas, your work experience;

 – professional data, such as your diplomas and skills, contact number and professional email as well as duties if you are a supplier, service provider or partner of CHAPSVISION.

  • The processing of personal data by CHAPSVISION has an explicit, legitimate and specified purpose. For example, your personal data can be processed for the following reasons:
  • If you are a client or a prospect, CHAPSVISION may process your personal data for the following purposes:
  • prospecting;
  • managing our relationship with you;
  • the planning, registration and invitation to CHAPSVISION’s events;
  • the production, management and follow-up of your files;
  • debt recovery;
  • invoicing;
  • accounting.
  • If you are an applicant, in the case of an application submission for a job position in CHAPSVISION, CHAPSVISION may process your data in order to manage your application.
  • If you subscribed to one of CHAPSVISION’s newsletters, CHAPSVISION may also process your personal data to send you the newsletter by email.
  • If you are a supplier, service provider or partner of CHAPSVISION, CHAPSVISION can process your data to manage its relation with you.
  • The personal data collected is stored for as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, or to meet any legal or contractual obligations, or for the entire duration of the existing relationship between you and CHAPSVISION.
    • Customer relationship management: 5 years after the end of the relation with the client; 
    • Planning, registration and invitation to CHAPSVISION’s events : 3 years after the end of the relationship with the data subject if they are a client and 3 years from the time the last contact was made if the data subject is a prospect;
    • Management and follow-up of the files: 5 years after the end of the relation with the client;
    • Debt recovery: until the end of the complete debt recovery procedure or 5 years after the end of the relation with the debtor;
    • Prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing and anti-corruption measures: until the legal or regulatory obligation has been fulfilled by us.
    • Invoicing: 10 years after the end of the accounting year in question;
    • Accounting: 10 years after the end of the accounting year in question;
    • Application management for a job position: 2 years from the time the last contact was made with the applicant;
    • Mailing of our newsletter: the duration of the subscription to the newsletter;
    • Relationship management with the suppliers and service providers: 5 years after the end of the relation;
    • Responses to the requests we receive through the contact form of the website: the duration necessary to reply to the request in question.
  • The legal basis for the collecting and use of your personal data depends on the collected personal data and the context in which we collect them. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is based on grounds such as:

* the performance of a contract between you and CHAPSVISION;

* obtaining your consent;

* the need to process data for regulatory and legal compliance purposes;

* the legitimate interest of CHAPSVISION. This legitimate interest enables us, among others, to inform you, as a professional, on our solutions for which you have expressed an interest on our website or to carry out direct marketing actions. This processing is implemented by taking into account your interests and your fundamental rights.

The website of CHAPSVISION includes links to social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). As such, CHAPSVISION may collect and use the personal data of the members of the social network concerned who have registered as members, friends, followers, in order to contact them on the social network that they use and/or to transmit information to them. The members of the social network in question can object at any time to such a use by contacting the point of contact below.

  • CHAPSVISION informs you that you have the right to access, modify, delete and limit the processing of your personal data as well as a right to data portability. In addition, you have a right to object, for legitimate reasons, to your personal data being processed. You also have the right to define guidelines concerning the management of your Personal Data after your death (“Loi pour une République numérique”, French law for a Digital Republic Act). Any request shall be subjected to an analysis by CHAPSVISION and should be submitted in written form, signed by the person making the request, contain the address to which the reply should be sent and be posted along with proof of the person’s identity. If there is any doubt, CHAPSVISION may ask you for a copy of your identity card with your signature.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you believe that CHAPSVISION’s reply is not satisfactory, you have the ability to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

For further information or to learn more about the exercise of your “Informatique et Libertés” rights on the processing of personal data managed by CHAPSVISION, you can contact the company’s Data Protection Officer (DPO):, or send a mail at the following address:


A l’attention du DPO

4 rue du port aux vins

92 150 Suresnes, FRANCE

CHAPSVISION also informs you that you have the option of managing your email communication preferences through emails sent.

Finally, CHAPSVISION wish to inform you that in relation to the functioning of the website, CHAPSVISION uses different cookies to enhance the interactivity of the website and its services.

  1. CHAPSVISION’s commitments in its role as subcontractor

CHAPSVISION, as a software company, offers its clients (data controllers) several services using the SaaS mode with which the clients collect, analyse, share and process your personal data through our solutions and services.

In the context of the use of these solutions, CHAPSVISION acts according to the client’s instructions in its subcontractor role, on the basis of the contract signed between CHAPSVISION and its client, within the framework of a B2B commercial relationship.

In the context of the use of these solutions, CHAPSVISION’s client can process or ask us to process your personal data to serve the following purposes:

  • Coheris SFA (CRM Sales and CRM Nomad)
  • Client relationship management
    • In a consumer/client service
    • In a sales force department
    • In a marketing department
  • Monitoring and implementation of the business strategy by sales team devoted to consumer goods, OTC pharmaceutical products and specialised networks
  • Marketing Automation: unification of customer data, optimisation of client knowledge, marketing automation and cross channel activation
  • Unified Commerce: customisation of the purchasing process made by the consumers (offer a purchasing experience as personalised as possible and define business KPIs for the product); orchestration, update and storage of the clients’ orders so as to process them since their creation until the delivery to the client; client creation and consultation from the tablet.
  • Market Intelligence: strategic, technologic and regulatory monitoring.
  • Speech to Text: speech-to-text transcription and voice commands.
  • Data Platform: collect, enlarge and explore a data set.

To serve those purposes, the following personal data can be collected :

  • Coheris SFA (CRM Sales and/or CRM Nomad) Surname, Forename, Mailing Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Mobile Phone, Date of birth, Occupation, Marital Status, Membership Number or another identifier outside of CRM. If linkage with social module, Facebook and Twitter ID, contract number.
  • Unified Commerce: information about the user (session ID, login, password, surname, forename, date of the last visit, year of birth, date of birth, country, state, county, city, street, postcode, shopping cart, purchase, product, date, billing address).
  • Marketing automation the personal data types collected by the Application itself or through third parties are the following: Cookies, Usage Data, Email address, forename(s), surname, phone number and company name.
  • Market Intelligence: surname, forename, email address, photo


  • Speech to Text: surname, forename, email address, phone number


  • Data Platform: all the personal data that the individuals responsible for processing would have available.

The processing operations entrusted to CHAPSVISION by the data controller can be the following: collecting, hosting, storing, maintenance, support, recording, accessing, disclosure by transmission, erasure and destruction.

The collected data is processed within the European Economic Area, or in countries with an adequate level of protection, or as part of the incorporation of appropriate safeguards and are secure.

For more detailed information, please contact the data controller, CHAPSVISION’s client.

As we can have access to the client’s data only on that client’s instructions, if you wish to exercise your rights under the applicable data protection legislation (access, modification, opposition, cancellation and data portability), please contact directly the data controller, CHAPSVISION’s client.