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Security Solutions

To meet the growing needs in the automated video surveillance industry, we have developed a range of advanced security solutions. These make it possible to protect sensitive sites such as nuclear power stations, military bases, chemical plants, airports, etc. Safety on site is therefore essential in order to protect the personnel and property present. In addition, these locations are prime targets for trespassing, theft and attacks. It is therefore imperative that these sites be protected to the best of their ability. At ACIC, we use the network of surveillance cameras to implement various image analysis solutions that automate some of the tasks associated with monitoring and detecting specific elements.

Data Collection Solutions

Discover our cutting-edge AI solutions to easily add intelligence to your city, mall or airport. Manage the parking lot, monitor your public spaces, highlight crowded streets and be alerted to any violations (prohibited directions, speeding, waste disposal, etc.).

Appliance Solutions

With appliances, you get an all-in-one server that saves you time-consuming system deployments and associated downtime. VCA solutions pre-installed on each appliance include the complete suite of VCA Server ACIC solutions. For example, the provision of a custom-sized AI server, a stand-alone box or a small decentralized PC.

Solutions for a multitude of markets

With its range of versatile products and flexible solutions, ACIC can address a wide range of markets. We assist you in the development of your project in order to advise you the solution most adapted to your needs. We have prestigious references in the following markets.

Secure Sites




Smart City

Easy integration with VMS solutions

ACIC solutions are fully integrated with leading VMS solutions. Such as: Avigilon, Seetec, Exacq United Technologies, Genetec, Prysm, Milestone, …

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