e-merchandising & searchandising

Because the user experience is a pillar of the customer relationship, equip your e-commerce site and your shops with adequate functionalities.

The functionalities of the e-merchandising & searchandising solution of Octipas by ChapsVision, allow you to enhance the brand image of your company and improve the experience and satisfaction of your customers.

Reduced shopping cart construction time

Improved customer experience

Increased profitability

Customer satisfaction & loyalty

Increased revenue

To have an immediate and significant impact on your sales and margins, start by simplifying access and discovery of your offer and help your customers find the right product.

Octipas by ChapsVision is the only AI-enhanced digital experience platform specifically designed for retail that will allow you to captivate and engage customers in the purchase across all sales channels.

The teams in charge of the digital shopping experience will have at their disposal a solution made up of mutually enriching modules, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and operated via a simple and intuitive interface.

As an expert in e-merchandising for over 10 years, we help retailers to ensure that each consumer profile quickly finds the product they are looking for and is inspired by the offer.

For retailers:

Reconcile customer expectations with the retailer’s imperatives

For the consumer:

Enjoy a pleasant and efficient shopping experience


performance dashboard

Analyse and improve continuously.


Increase the number of product access paths. Display the right key buying factors.


Be inspired by product and content highlights.


Optimise the speed of shopping cart construction.

catalogue manager

Adjust and enrich your product data.

searchandising : Octipas immersive search

  • Provide accurate search results to improve conversion.
  • Customise the products that appear and the product rankings for each visitor.
  • Customise our algorithms to align with the retailer’s business objectives.
  • Add additional data, such as: margin, offline sales and return data, to create an algorithm that is unique to your site and closer to your business strategy.


What are the benefits?

  • Provide an inspiring search experience
  • Reduce the speed of shopping cart construction
  • Improve conversion rate

e-merchandising : Octipas predictive Merch

  • AI-based technology works in tandem with merchants to help them be more data-driven and impactful.
  • Help customers select products based on filters and sorting tailored to their usage, practice levels, etc.
  • Propose product layouts that are adapted to each page and to each customer, while being scalable according to the business activity.
  • Hit the nail on the head with highlights and leverage AI to continuously improve accuracy while applying a business constraint.


What are the benefits?

  • Simplified access to products for all types of customers
  • Increased average basket value (in volume and value)
  • Stimulate impulse buying
  • Increased loyalty

Octipas Analytics

Quickly discover which products or content are underperforming, customise how products or content are displayed by segment, and boost, bury or lock products or content to tell a visual story.

Understand how your customers behave with information about their unique journeys and preferences. Translate this directly into action to improve your search and navigation behaviour.

Set up and analyse A/B testing to track products, brands and more.

recommandation & personnalisation

Our solution is fed by all the interactions recorded on the site during each visit (pages viewed, products viewed, facets clicked on, placing in the basket, purchase, etc.). By analysing this data, the engine is able to recommend products and content by comparing the user’s current behaviour with the behaviour observed beforehand for all Internet users.

At the same time, it gives business teams the ability to constrain the engine to best serve the business plan of the moment.

  • Customisation of the experience as soon as the user lands on the site
  • Suggestions based on basket content and purchase history


What are the benefits?

  • Establishment of a personalised relationship
  • Taking into account the user’s preferences
  • Significant increase in revenue and profitability


Our solution enables retailers to enhance their product data and transform it into meaningful information for customers in their purchasing process.

Go from product information to consumer information.

Get the full potential of your products in the catalogue to better offer them. Our solution allows you to better configure and homogenise all your attributes to perfect your product presentations on your e-commerce site.

What are the main features in the Catalogue Manager?

  • Virtual attributes
  • Product activation rules
  • Uniformity of product attributes
  • Definition of linked products


OMS : order management system

Orchestrate the omnichannel management of your orders and avoid stock-outs


Offer your customers a complete omnichannel shopping experience 


Remove the boundary between digital and physical commerce  


Manage the tasks inherent in shop management from your sales staff’s tablet


Put an end to stock fragmentation and repetitive stock-outs

Returns & refunds

Develop a seamless experience with your customers from start to finish


Empower your salespeople to be at the heart of a unique customer experience

Product recommendation

Offer the right product at the right time to the right customer

Vendor Performance Optimisation

Optimise the relational, commercial and organisational power of your salespeople  



+ 100%

of customer accounts created*

+ 6%

of additional turnover per shop

1 hour/day

of time saved by sales staff*


online transformation rate*

+ 50%

productivity of the e-Business team

*Best results observed with our clients

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