ChapsVision’s Data platform meets a strong need for organisations to capitalise on all available information in order to make it easily exploitable.

Fast, Agile and Scalable

The technologies used and the infrastructure of the platform allow to manage very large volumes of data.

Most comprehensive modular solution

The platform adapts to your investigation needs and serves as a common base for all your ChapsVision and non-ChapsVision applications.

Boost your turnover

The real-time exploitation by your IS of the available information accelerates your reaction time to maximise your growth.


Detect key information in digital & voice data streams.

We develop solutions to extract the full richness of unstructured multimedia & multilingual data.

Our know-how combines the collection and in-depth analysis of video content (extraction of text from images, face detection, etc.) and audio content (multilingual speech-to-text transcription, live detection of key words/phrases, etc.), as well as the search and advanced processing of textual data.


Speech Intelligence

Exploiting the richness of speech as a source of information and interaction.

Based on deep neural learning, MediaSpeech offers a fine and precise transcription of your audio and video. The uses of MediaSpeech®  and MobileSpeech®  products are numerous:

  • Analysis of conversations in contact centres
  • Exploiting the full richness of online videos
  • Processing voice streams for banking compliance

CYBER Security - CROSSING® by ChapsVision

CrossinG®  by ChapsVision allows you to control flows and to guarantee confidentiality and integrity of exchanges between two information systems, while maintaining strict separation between networks of different sensitivities.

The strong partitioning and content analysis prevent the risk of propagation of an attack from one network to another, the injection of malicious content and data leakage.

Data Science

Improving its competitiveness is a major challenge for any company. Starting from data and managing to analyse it allows to contribute to it.

But each department has its own tools, each tool manages its own data. Under these conditions, it is difficult to see things clearly. The challenge is to de-silo the data sources in order to offer an aggregated and intelligible vision of the information to the various business lines.

Data chapsvision platform

This sovereign platform enables use cases to be processed in the field of military, security, social, political and economic intelligence. But also in the field of logistics, predictive maintenance, decision making in support of operations and commerce.

Data mining & machine learning

Our Data Mining and Machine Learning tool allows to solve different types of problems such as: the definition of homogeneous groups, prediction, anomaly detection or weak signal search, recommendation, text analysis.

solutions that can be interconnected with
our data tools


360° collaborative and omnichannel CRM at the service of customer relations. Adaptable to all the business needs of your organisation 


A suite of solutions reconciling web & point of sale that meets your customers’ expectations and your business imperatives


Support the negotiation, decision making and development of your presence in mass retail and selective channels


Omnichannel solution that increases customer engagement and loyalty and boosts your growth. Communicate on your customers’ favourite channels