digital in store

The Digital In-Store solution from Octipas by ChapsVision combines more than 100 functionalities in one solution.

Remove the border between digital and physical commerce to ensure an omnichannel customer journey.

Succeed in your digital transformation and ensure the best in-store shopping experience for your customers.

Improved customer knowledge

Increased turnover

Productivity gain

Generation of qualified traffic in shop

Generation of qualified traffic in shop

Customer satisfaction & loyalty


Succeed in your digital transformation and guarantee the best in-store shopping experience for your customers.

Put your sales staff at the heart of the customer experience with the sales tablet. A complete tool that guarantees a seamless experience for the customer and an optimisation of your sales force.

Using the sales tablet means you can:

  • Support and motivate your teams in the sales process
  • Optimise the time of your teams
  • Facilitate the mobility of salespeople on the sales floor
  • Provide fluid and immediate information to customers and teams
  • Be able to respond to customer requests without the boundaries between digital and physical. And without being constrained by stock.

What are the benefits?

Increase customer loyalty

Strengthen your brand image

Optimise your sales force


Improve the relationship between salespeople and their customers by offering them an omnichannel clienteling solution:

  • Creation of customer accounts and data collection
  • Unification of online and offline data
  • Consultation of customer files
  • Online and offline purchase history, wishlist, product reservation
  • Product recommendation based on previous purchases


What are the benefits?

  • Better knowledge of customers
  • Enhancement of the value of sales staff in the eyes of customers
  • Customer loyalty


Thanks to the Digital In-store solution, your sales staff now have access to all the products in the store’s catalogue on their tablet. This is a real advantage for shops with a small sales area, as it considerably increases the depth of their range.

  • Product search by barcode scan, categories, search engine, etc.
  • Access to product sheets (photo, description, price, size, unified stock)
  • Cross-selling


What are the advantages?

  • Access to the entire offer in all shops
  • Improved product knowledge
  • Knowledge of product stock


The Digital In-Store solution enables your sales teams to offer an omnichannel shopping experience to their customers.

From the product pages, salespeople can add products to the shopping cart for a quick takeaway if the product is available in shop. If the product is out of stock in the shop, the salesperson can still add it to the product in order to place an order. The Octipas by ChapsVision solution also allows to make mixed baskets containing ordered products and products available in shop.

The customer can choose to receive his order at home (home delivery) or to pick up his parcel in shop (pick-up in store).

Payment can be made on mobile terminals or directly at the shop checkout.

What are the benefits?

  • Increase in turnover and average basket
  • No more lost sales in case of stock shortage
  • Improved customer experience and loyalty
  • No more disruption to the customer in the purchasing process
  • Decongestion of checkouts in case of heavy traffic

tasks management

The Digital In-store solution of Octipas by ChapsVision also includes a Tasks Management module. Accessible from their sales tablets, this functionality helps your sales teams to manage their daily tasks with their customers.

  • Automation of contact opportunities with customers (post-purchase mail, birthday, private sales, etc.)
  • Direct communication with the customer (email, call, SMS, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc.)
  • Management of appointments
  • Creation of a task with assignment to a customer
  • Monitoring of actions carried out


What are the benefits?

  • Increased productivity of salespeople in managing their daily tasks
  • Improved customer experience and loyalty
  • Quick and intuitive to use


Optimise the square metres of your points of sale.

The range extension allows you to increase the number of references available at the point of sale while reducing your physical stock.

You are thus able to offer your customers the entire product catalogue. To know in real time the availability of products and where they are located to deliver them to customers.

What are the advantages?

  • Be able to respond to your customers’ requests and thus increase their satisfaction
  • Increase your turnover
  • Maximise your stock


Waiting at the checkout is often synonymous with a bad customer experience. With the mobile payment solution, you can make the checkout process more fluid.

With mobile payment and queue boosting you can.

  • Cash in on customers throughout the shop
  • Facilitate the customer journey thanks to a seamless sales process
  • Reduce the risk of item abandonment
  • Unify the payment of products purchased in shop and orders placed in store


What are the benefits?

  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Optimise the sales area by reducing the space allocated solely to checkout
  • Increase traffic flow in shop

Order In Store

Order in store is a solution that improves your omnichannel strategy.

With this solution you can.

  • Unify your stock visibility.
  • Your teams can connect to all stocks (shop, warehouse, other points of sale, etc.).
  • Place an order in shop for a product not available at the point of sale
  • Greater capacity of product references
  • Digitalisation of shops


What are the benefits?

  • Knowing how to respond to customers’ requests and increasing their satisfaction rate
  • Reduce lost sales
  • Increase turnover
  • Equip salespeople with digital solutions that increase their power and optimise daily tasks


Because salespeople are the key to successful digitalization of points of sale, our Digital In Store solution offers them a set of functionalities so that they can fully take control of this new tool.

Good team management requires support for change. This support includes:

  • Training guides for an easy handling of the solution, sharing of best practices
  • Technical support
  • Real-time performance monitoring and e-mail reports
  • Inter-seller and inter-boutique challenges to boost the use of the solution


What are the benefits?

  • Involvement of sales staff
  • Incentive to use the solution
  • Increase in turnover
Gestion des équipes


OMS : order management system

Orchestrate the omnichannel management of your orders and avoid stock-outs


Offer your customers a complete omnichannel shopping experience 

emerchandising &

Enhance the user experience on your e-commerce site and in your shops 


Manage the tasks inherent in shop management from your sales staff’s tablet


Put an end to stock fragmentation and repetitive stock-outs

Returns & refunds

Develop a seamless experience with your customers from start to finish


Empower your salespeople to be at the heart of a unique customer experience

Product recommendation

Offer the right product at the right time to the right customer

Vendor Performance Optimisation

Optimise the relational, commercial and organisational power of your salespeople  



+ 100%

of customer accounts created*

+ 6%

of additional turnover per shop

1 hour/day

of time saved by sales staff*


online transformation rate*

+ 50%

productivity of the e-Business team

*Best results observed with our clients

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