developing operational excellence
at the point of sale

The Coheris CRM Nomad by Chapsvision solution accompanies your sales teams on a daily basis in operational excellence in order to develop your performance and your customer proximity.

Productivity and efficiency

360° Vision

Customer proximity

boost productivity and efficiency

The Coheris CRM Nomad by ChapsVision solution has an intuitive interface, focused on the user and business uses, and a disconnected mode, allowing complete functional coverage in this mobile context.

It is adapted to new sales force equipment such as touch tablets while maintaining the same interface for more traditional tools.

In order to allow sales representatives to excel locally, the solution centralises key information and indicators, guides the sales representative in the actions to be taken, and allows him to monitor the progress of his objectives.

Increase the mobility of your teams


Coheris Smart Nomad by ChapsVision is a smartphone application available on Android and iOS.

It allows mobile sales representatives to access from their mobile phone, a set of Coheris CRM Nomad functionalities, which they use on their computer or tablet: agenda management, access to customer information, creation of a prospect, survey entry, etc.

Accessible in disconnected mode, it facilitates the feedback of information from the field to the head office and simplifies access to essential information in a mobile situation.

Manage customer information

In order to develop operational excellence at the point of sale, it is imperative to have a 360° vision of the customer in order to control and share information and indicators.

The sales force thus benefits from a point of sale summary that clearly compiles the essential information.

The salesperson also has access to all of the customer’s history in order to have a very good knowledge of the customer and to develop a close relationship by personalising the relationship.

visit sheet: preparation assistant

The sales force is assisted by targeted visit plans.

A summary of the key indicators of the point of sale and alerts enables the sales representative to quickly identify potential anomalies as well as the actions to be taken with the customer. This saves considerable time in preparing for a visit.
In addition, the salesperson can quickly see the level of achievement of his or her objectives, the actions taken previously, and the objectives of the visit.


  • Product statement
  • Order
  • Complaint
  • Commercial action plan
  • Commitment
  • Survey
  • Feedback
  • Training
  • Etc….

Relay the merchandising strategy to the field

The Merch module integrated to Coheris CRM Nomad by ChapsVision allows you to communicate to your sales force the recommendations for implementation reflecting your merchandising strategy, as well as your national negotiations.

You thus ensure their correct application at the local level, by allowing your field sales representatives to quickly adapt them to the specificities of the points of sale.

Designed in particular for the new touch devices, the Merch module allows you to develop a stronger customer relationship thanks to its rapid learning curve and its use at the point of sale.

the 3 pillars of the solution
Coheris CRM nomad by ChapsVision

CRM Nomad

  • Planning and operational execution of the business strategy

Pilot Nomad

  • Monitoring and steering performance

Smart Nomad

  • The smartphone companion for salespeople

Why choose Coheris CRM Nomad by ChapsVision?


Time saved on administration by the salesperson


Of customers visited by the equipped sales staff


Sales representatives equipped with Coheris CRM Nomad by ChapsVision


Generated by improved commercial efficiency

the advantages of the solution
coheris CRM Nomad by ChapsVision

simplicity &

  • Ergonomics redesigned for a user-friendly, modern and intuitive interface
  • Centralized data for a 360° view of customers
  • Real-time analysis of your business KPIs via the software or the mobile application

innovative &

  • 20 years of experience in Sales Force Automation software
  • Sales support tools 100% accessible in disconnected mode
  • Specialised solution for retail, OTC pharmacy and Out-of-Home

a complete

  • Decision support for the preparation, execution and monitoring of your activity
  • Business and results-oriented data management
  • Integrated merchandising features to enhance product presences

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