Managing and optimising
your commercial performance

Exploit your data and key indicators for your operational choices as well as for your strategic orientations, with the Coheris CRM Nomad by ChapsVision solution, our sales force CRM dedicated to the consumer goods (CPG), pharmaceutical (OTC) and specialized networks (RS) sectors

360° Vision

Decision support

Commercial support

Optimise commercial performance

Reports allow you to have an overview of the KPIs of your sector in real time, to monitor the progress of your objectives and to plan the customers to visit accordingly.
The point of sale diagnosis allows the sales representative to identify the corrective actions to be carried out at the customer’s premises and to help him prepare his visit.
At the end of the visit, enriched reports allow the sales representative to report on his activity to his hierarchy.

Coheris CRM Nomad, the Sales Force software of the ChapsVision group, offers you the elements to analyse the commercial actions carried out and measure the results:

  • Follow-up of the objectives by sector, region
  • Identification of over or under visited shops
  • Follow-up of promotional operations
  • Monitoring of sales performance in terms of turnover, shelf space, assortment, etc.

manage your commercial activity

Pilot Nomad by Chapsvision provides sales management with the key business indicators and dashboards required to manage strategy and supervise teams. Thus, this data-based management allows an organisation to activate the performance levers and to take strategic decisions quickly in relation to the information reported daily by the field.

The sales departments are thus able to better coordinate actions and optimise the management of their strategy:

  • Relaying and steering the sales force’s objectives.
  • Optimise and boost the ROI of commercial agreements.
  • Respond to customer expectations.
  • Ensure the flow of information.
  • Targeting action plans.
  • Implement targeted promotional plans.
  • Support teams in prioritising their activity.
  • Ensuring the transformation of field objectives.
  • And so on…


the 3 pillars of the solution
Coheris CRM nomad by chapsvision

CRM Nomad

  • Planning and operational execution of the business strategy

Pilot Nomad

  • Monitoring and steering performance

SMart Nomad

  • The smartphone companion for salespeople

Why choose our CRM Coheris Nomad by chapsVision?


Time saved on administration by the salesperson


Of customers visited by the equipped sales staff


Sales representatives equipped with Coheris CRM Nomad by ChapsVision


Generated by improved commercial efficiency

the advantages of the solution
Coheris CRM Nomad by ChapsVision

& Accessibility

  • Ergonomics redesigned for a user-friendly, modern and intuitive interface
  • Centralized data for a 360° view of your customers
  • Real-time analysis of your business KPIs
  • Business and results-oriented data management

& specialized

  • 20 years of experience in Sales Force Automation software
  • Sales support tools 100% accessible in disconnected mode
  • Specialised solution for retail, OTC pharmacy and Out-of-Home

a complete

  • Decision support for the preparation, execution and monitoring of your activity
  • Business and results-oriented data management
  • Integrated merchandising features to enhance product presence

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