+45% creation of prospect/customer accounts*


81% of clienteling actions achieved*


+4000 appointments created per month*

* Figures from one of our clients 

In the Luxury Goods industry, customers buy a unique experience based on a privileged and close relationship with sales representatives. In response to increasingly demanding customers and constantly changing consumption patterns, Luxury Goods companies must use digital technology to refocus and refine their customer-centric approach.

Clienteling is the solution that reinvents the customer relationship in a unified way throughout the purchasing process. Thus, clienteling repositioned the representative as the central element of loyalty: an indispensable rule for offering innovative, personalized and successful shopping experiences.

In this way, clienteling repositioned the representative…


A tailor-made approach

In order to improve the customer experience, which represents a considerable weight in customer loyalty, ultra-personalisation is an indispensable arm. It allows you to build a high value-added relationship by meeting customers’ expectations: they want to be known, welcomed as brand guests, regardless of their profile and consumption habits.

Data collection plays a crucial role. By having access to the customer’s history, their wishlist, their tastes (…), we achieve a level of detailed knowledge of the customer. The sales representative is thus able to adapt to the customer in order to build a relationship of trust that can be personalised and customised. Today’s customers are increasingly connected and over-informed and, as a result, when they come to the shop, they are looking for more advice and a human relationship.

The augmented sales representative: at the heart of the customer experience

The sales representative plays a strategic role in the customer experience and relationship by becoming a true ambassador for the Luxury Goods companies. The clienteling system provides sales representatives with all the customer data collected so that they can offer an innovative, personalized and successful shopping experience. By giving the sales representative a sales tablet, you make him/her proactive. The customer experience is thus boosted thanks to a 360° view of the purchasing process.

The sales representative will be able to make suggestions: the tool will allow him/her to create a list of preferred customers to contact, but also to suggest reasons for contacting them (reminder of the customer’s birthday, the new collection).

In addition, clienteling puts the human element back into the customer experience in the digital age.

A harmonised relationship across all channels

Luxury customers are increasingly young and hyper-connected. With a strong trend towards ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline), the customer experience must integrate the customer process in order to provide them with an impeccable level of service wherever they are. Clienteling allows data to be collected across all channels and at all stages of the customer lifecycle. Before the sale, the solution allows the sales representative to access information on the customer: profile, purchase and exchange history, identify the stage of the purchase process in which the customer is located, the channel used, etc. Content, personalisation and advice can thus be adapted to provide a unique and differentiating experience in the image of the brand and the customer.

It is also a privileged means of communication with the customer at a distance: SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat… even before the customer has visited the shop. Clienteling can again be used to maintain a close relationship with the customer, to thank them for their purchases or to ensure their satisfaction during their shopping experience.

By integrating an omnichannel strategy into the customer relationship, the customer will feel uniquely identified throughout their shopping experience, which will be seamlessly personalised and customisable. A real key to building loyalty.

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