Data Mining &
Machine Learning (SPAD)

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision allows to solve different types of problems such as the definition of homogeneous groups, prediction, detection of anomalies or search for weak signals, recommendation, text analysis.

Fast, Agile and Scalable

The technologies used and the platform infrastructure allow the management of very large volumes of data.

Most complete modular solution

The platform adapts to your investigation needs and serves as a common base for all your applications, whether ChapsVision or not.

Boost your turnover

The real-time use of available information by your IS accelerates your reaction times to maximise your growth.

Coheris SPAD by ChapsVision

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision is a self-service data analysis studio for Data Scientists from all sectors and industries.

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision is taught in many major French and foreign schools and universities, giving it a great reputation in the Data Scientists community.

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision provides you with a great methodological wealth covering a very broad spectrum in terms of data analysis.

In a user-friendly and intuitive environment, you have all the power you need to discover, prepare and analyse your data.

An exceptional graphical interface

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision is a software dedicated to Data Mining which proposes a totally graphical interface on the whole data processing chain.

Its intuitive ergonomics allows you to be autonomous quickly, avoiding the time needed to learn a programming language. The implementation of the numerous methods is facilitated by a default setting corresponding to current usage while remaining modifiable in a few clicks.

Immediately usable results

The methods produce results in the form of tables that are automatically formatted in the spreadsheet or web browser of your choice. Specific, highly elaborate and interactive graphs (factorial plans, decision trees, image balances, scores, etc.) provide you with a neat layout for better communication of your analysis results. Guides are available to help you interpret your results in detail.

Data preparation

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision allows you to connect to many sources to prepare your data. You have a vast library of data processing functions at your disposal: filtering, stacking, aggregation, transposition, join, management of missing data, search for atypical distributions, statistical or supervised recoding, formatting…

Descriptive Statistics

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision offers all the methods to discover the main characteristics and links that structure your data: graphical visualisations of data, univariate and bivariate descriptive statistics, automatic characterisation of qualitative or quantitative variables, image assessment, statistical tests.

You have at your disposal several methods associated with a graphical editor allowing you to highlight your results:

Factor analysis (PCA, AFC, ACM, AFM) to determine correlations between factors.
Classifications (ascending hierarchical, K-Means, mixed) to divide a set of data into different classes or homogeneous categories.

Statistical Modelling

Modélisation statistique

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision provides you with a wide range of statistical modelling methods such as simple and multiple regressions, logistic regression, discriminant analysis, PLS regression, time series, but also algorithms such as decision trees, Bayesian networks, neural networks, SVM, random forests and collaborative filtering.

Textual data analysis

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision offers a set of Text Mining algorithms (language detection, vocabulary building, lemmatization, word clouds, lexical contingency table, …) allowing in particular the automatic grouping of texts (emails, messages on social networks, comments in business applications) into homogeneous categories or the analysis of responses to satisfaction surveys.

Text Mining - SPAD

Scripting languages : R and Python

Coding - SPAD

Coheris Spad by ChapsVision allows the exploitation of existing models written in R or Python, extending the possibilities of the software almost to infinity.

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