Qwam Content Intelligence

One platform, multiple features

Boost operational efficiency with Artificial Intelligence and Semantics Integrate all your textual data into digital transformation with the industry’s richest NLP ecosystem.

Analyze, sort, summarize all your documents using QWAM AI

Files, documents, contracts, reports

Business Applications and Documentaries

Web Information and Social Media

E-commerce, customer platform



Benefit from the richest document comprehension model, and adapt it to your use cases in record time!

→ Crawl of web 

→ Metadata Generation

→ Large text mass analysis

→ Find information

→ AutoSummarize

Text Analytics: AI/semantic (NLP) solutions for the exploitation of textual data

QWAM Text Analytics makes it easy to process and analyze large volumes of text (unstructured content) to capture key elements and indicators.

QWAM Text Analytics provides solutions for data analysis, information classification, information retrieval, and content generation (generative AI).

These solutions address the following uses and needs:

  • Document process automation (metadata generation and classification)
  • Semantic Search Engine and Knowledge Base Management
  • Text Data Analysis and Mapping
  • E-mail Scan
  • Verbal Analysis
  • Web intelligence

Ask’n’Read: Real-time, multilingual web-monitoring solution

Ask’n’Read is the real-time web monitoring platform covering more than 14 million web sources in 12 languages. It is a system for capturing relevant information from the web, simplifying its filtering by categorization at multiple levels. Ask’n’Read has a powerful search engine to retrieve relevant results. Installed in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), it is fully managed by QWAM teams to be constantly evolving to meet customer needs.

Save up to 100% time in your business processes

By occupation

  • Document Management
  • Sleep & low-cost intelligence
  • Chief Data Officer, Data Scientist
  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing and Supplier Relationships
  • Legal
  • Digital Forensics, Compliance
  • Relationships and Customer Experience
  • Quality Maintenance
  • Sales
  • DSI

By sector

  • Press & Media
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Defense & Space
  • E-commerce

By need

  • Verbal analysis, feelings
  • Automatic document indexing
  • Find Information
  • Calculate specific business indicators
  • Fraud, Risk Detection
  • Data Cleanup, Labeling

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