voice technologies for call analysis

In association with reference partners, our Speech Intelligence solution uses its expertise in multilingual automatic transcription and speech content indexing to analyse agent-customer conversations in contact centres in order to improve operational efficiency and knowledge of customer or prospect needs.

Detect key phrases in real time and improve the quality and speed of your agents' response

Improve customer satisfaction and evaluate the effectiveness of your sales pitches

Increase your sales and develop your offer thanks to a better knowledge of needs and trends

live analytics: live performance

  • Key phrase detection

          Agent & supervisor pop-ups and alerts
          Real-time response recommendations on the agent’s screen

  • Display of acoustic indicators (speech rate and volume, agent vs. customer speaking time, silences, …)
  • Monitoring of the interview script conducted by the agent (compliance / suggestion)
  • Indexing of alerts and key phrases for deferred analysis

improve performance in real time

Performance en Temps Réel
  • Agent self-training through indicators
  • Reduction of the average processing time
  • Compliance with best practices
  • Detection of customers at risk and recommendations

batch analytics: operational efficiency & customer intelligence

  • Statistical tables of calls

  • Reasons (complaint, commercial gesture, delivery, …)
    and trends (occurrence of terms, themes, etc.)

  • Slightly delayed results (15 minutes)

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Customer profiling

  • Monitoring of competitor mentions

Speech Intelligence by ChapsVision

access a wealth of strategic information

Mine d'informations
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your sales pitches and identify the obstacles and levers for increasing your sales (upmarket and cross-selling)
  • Understand trends in order to adapt and develop your offer

reliable and efficient solutions

Major players in the energy and banking sectors in France and abroad are already using the technologies to improve the performance of their contact centres.

In 2015, the Canal Plus group chose MediaSpeech® by ChapsVision to deepen its understanding of its subscribers’ needs and the operational efficiency of its telephone platforms.

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