voice technologies for media monitoring

Tap into the richness of video.

By converting audio tracks into searchable speech-to-text transcripts, Speech Intelligence by ChapsVision provides near real-time access to video databases, with the ability to search for content more quickly and accurately, as well as to extract metadata more thoroughly.

Index, search and analyse content in audio & video sources (TV/Radio broadcasts, conferences/meetings, telecommunications)

Detect key phrases or words and go directly to the content you are looking for

Find out who says what, when and in which language

multiple applications

  • Keyword filtering of massive sources with low alert density (e.g. local and regional media)

  • Indexing and help in raising alerts on all media flows

  • Investigation of media archives

  • Automatic data enrichment for archiving and indexing of audio and video content

  • Video indexing and online publishing support for journalists

  • Improved referencing for search engines

  • Help in creating verbatims (exact transcription)

  • Subtitling support for online publication

Analyse vocale des vidéos - MediaMonitoring

a powerful and efficient solution


With over 6,000 hours of programming transcribed each month, ChapsVision’s MediaSpeech® SaaS hosts the largest speech-to-text SaaS deployment for media monitoring in Europe.

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