MobileSpeech® by ChapsVision

Standalone Voice Control

MobileSpeech® is a standalone voice recognition solution for mobile devices and embedded systems that allows the user to easily interact with his environment.

MobileSpeech® can be integrated on smartphones, tablets, PCs and embedded infrastructures and requires no connection.

E-health, Relief and Emergency

Increase the responsiveness and efficiency of staff in critical situations.

Avionics & Automotive

Free your users' hands and improve their safety with integrated voice commands.

Entertainment, Games, Connected TV

Offer new possibilities of interaction to players and spectators.

power, safety, ergonomics

  • Real-time streaming speech recognition
  • Powerful and accurate recognition of up to several thousand words
  • Configurable recognition via standard grammar
  • Immediate response for dynamic interaction
  • Direct input of complex requests
  • Plug-and-play voice input on iOS, Android and Windows
  • Easily integrated with embedded platforms
Plein de fonctionnalités pour MobileSpeech

some examples of achievements :


Nemo won first prize for home automation at the Autonomie 1993 trade fair. It is the very first autonomous system for voice control of the environment (e.g. voice activation of the television, roller shutters, etc.) intended for tetraplegic people.

Triaje project

This project aims to develop a multi-criteria voice input solution enabling rescue workers at the scene of a disaster to make an initial diagnosis of the victims and to transmit this information in real time to the nearest rescue centres.

technicolor connected tv

Vecsys designed the voice control to give the user immediate and intuitive access to the desired content among the mass of programs, applications and services offered.

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