speech-to-text for regulatory compliance

Compliance is also achieved through the telephone channel. 

Our speech-to-text transcription engine MediaSpeech® by ChapsVision enables the transcription of traders’ telephone conversations in the trading room.

Record Keeping

Indexing the content of telephone communications

Trade Construction

Searching for conversations by metadata and content

Monitoring & Investigation

Detection and grouping of events in conversations

monitoring and treatment on demand

Unified monitoring of all communication channels – telephone, e-mail, chat.
Example: Detection of weak signals in telephone conversations (e.g. code of conduct violations or market abuse)

Fine-grained retrieval of communications relating to a given transaction thanks to filtering by key words – not just by metadata.
Example: Trade reconstruction at the request of the regulator under MIFID II.

MediaSpeech® by ChapsVision, A deep learning engine to make audio speak

  • Near real-time speech-to-text transcription
  • Full text and metadata access with full text indexing
  • Detection of key words or phrases
  • Direct access to searched content with word-level temporal coding.

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