ChapsVision enhances its data analysis offering with the acquisition of Articque, the French expert in geodecision solutions

Paris, June 27, 2024 – ChapsVision, the French leader in the sovereign processing of massive and heterogeneous data, is proud to announce the acquisition of Articque, a French expert in geodecision software solutions. 

This acquisition brings together two companies that share a common vision of technological excellence and French expertise in data processing. 

At the crossroads of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and BI (Business Intelligence), Articque focuses its solutions on intelligent geolocation: maps highlight phenomena, data, and trends. Clients using these solutions in their marketing, sales, or customer relations activities benefit from geo-contextualization, a major asset that provides differentiation and relevance for better decision-making. 

Articque helps organizations to optimize their decision-making through an in-depth understanding of geographic data. Its solutions are widely adopted in the fields of geomarketing, commercial sectorization and data visualization for public observatories. They are used by more than 1,500 users in 450 key accounts, medium-sized businesses and public bodies, all of which are boosting their performance thanks to an in-depth understanding of their territories. 

Through this acquisition, ChapsVision aims to create numerous synergies around its solutions in the fields of CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Management, Field Sales Force Management, Merchandising and GIS, by providing its users with new functionalities allowing them to:  

  • Identify new prospecting and growth areas. 
  • Deploy their field sales forces or marketing investments more effectively (sectorization, contextualization). 
  • Serve customers or citizens better according to their environment (economic, ecological, meteorological, etc.). 
  • Enhance their processing with external data (customer profiling, risk analysis, etc.). 
  • Add value to public data to improve regional management. 

This geospatial data enrichment will be available in the ChapsVision group’s offerings in the short term. 


Olivier Dellenbach, CEO & Founder of the ChapsVision Group commented:  “We are delighted to welcome Articque to the ChapsVision group. As a specialist in geodecisional mapping and data viz, acquiring Articque will enable us to better support our customers in making the most of their complex data, facilitating strategic decision-making thanks to a better understanding of spatial dynamics and global trends.” 

Hélène Auguet, Executive Director of Articque adds:  “It’s with great pleasure and conviction that we’re joining the ChapsVision adventure. This will enable us to accelerate the technological development of our geodecisional solutions and gain access to a European dimension within a leading French publisher whose values we share. The complementary nature of our solutions means that together we’ll be able to address the market with an unrivalled value proposition that we can’t wait to present to our respective customers, given the wealth of use cases involved.” 

Hélène Auguet

About ChapsVision

As a specialist in sovereign data processing, ChapsVision enables companies and administrations to successfully achieve their digital transformation while creating value through its suite of software solutions centered around its massive and heterogeneous data processing system. Through major R&D investments focused on the processing of massive, heterogeneous data, complemented by a strategy of targeted acquisitions and international expansion, ChapsVision has quickly established a coherent group divided into two divisions addressing fields with a strong data footprint. One division is dedicated to customer engagement, unified commerce as well as economic and strategic intelligence for companies, while the other focuses specifically on sovereign solutions for cyber intelligence and cybersecurity for the defense, intelligence and security industry. Founded in 2019, ChapsVision has more than 1,000 employees, 1,000 key account customers, and is targeting revenues of more than €200m in 2024. 

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About Articque

Articque is the French expert in mapping-based strategic decision-making. A publisher of geodecisional solutions for 35 years, Articque enables companies and organizations from all sectors to manage their activities more effectively by clarifying their decisions. Articque’s solutions cover a wide range of territorial optimization applications, including geomarketing, commercial sectorization and the creation of territorial observatories. Its solutions, Cartes & Données Online and Articque Platform, which can be identified by their modular ‘flowchart’ interface, combine cutting-edge mapping and data processing technologies with a catalogue of geolocated data. They are used by more than 1,500 users in 450 major accounts, mid-cap company and public-sector bodies, all of whom are boosting their performance thanks to in-depth knowledge of their territories. Founded in Tours by Georges-Antoine Strauch and Jérome Barthélémy, creators of the Cartes & Données software, Articque has 45 employees and a turnover of €4 million. 

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