Ask'n'read: Multilingual real-time intelligence solution

Ask’n’Read is QWAM by ChapsVision’s web DataCenter. It is a system for capturing relevant information from the web, simplifying its filtering by categorization at multiple levels. Ask’n’Read has a powerful search engine to retrieve relevant results. Installed in SaaS mode, it is fully managed by our teams to be constantly evolving to meet customer needs.

Simple & powerful interface

Crawler web performant

Information Categorizer

Full Text Search Engine

A simple and powerful interface

Optimal and easy

  • Ask’n’Read enables simple and/or advanced queries.
  • Depending on your skills, desires, and needs, you can easily navigate from one mode to another and even from one folder to another.
  • Simplified mode allows you to intuitively use the standard Boolean operators (ET, OR, SAUF) and adjust your sleep perimeters with a simple click.
  • Expert Mode allows you to use Boolean operators, proximity indicators, multiple appearance condition indicators and adjust your perimeters always with a single click.
  • All users receive training to be completely independent in creating their sleep request.
  • QWAM also provides delegated administration.

Semantics and

  • Get semantic recognition built-in (optional) to help you analyze and process your sleep information.
  • Generate statistics easily.
  • Enjoy datavisualization.
  • Ask’n’Read also provides exportable reading portals.

collaboration and mobility

Ask’n’Read provides collaborative features such as folder sharing, favorites, and affiliate accounts that allow teams to work together.

Easily customize your deliverables to fit your audience with Ask’n’Read’s services.

  • E-mail Alerts
  • Newsletters
  • Customizable Reading Portal
  • Exporting Playback Widgets
  • Charts
  • RSS/ API

Ask’n’Read is mobile friendly, so it fits perfectly with all your mobile media.

A powerful web crawler


Ask’n’Read prioritizes web data recovery. The criteria for this prioritization are based on the type of source (newspaper site, company site, blog…) or on the importance our customers can give to it.

Ask’n’Read monitors four million categorized sites. More than four hundred thousand provide new information daily. So the majority of two million new links retrieved every day are qualified by relevant categories.

Ask’n Read primarily monitors websites in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, and Romanian.

Multi-source recovery

Ask’n’Read can retrieve text data in different formats. The simplest is the news feed (RSS/Atom…) provided by the websites. When added to this, QWAM has developed alternatives for collecting specific data.

Ask’n’Read can monitor website content or links to detect changes. In addition, precise method of analysis can be defined to retrieve only relevant information.

Scalable homogeneous

Web information collected by Ask’n’Read is stored in a single, consistent database. It is the core of any application that requires data access. Thus, previously heterogeneous information becomes homogeneous in order to comply with the same criteria of categorization, encoding…

The hardware and software choices that Ask’n’Read has developed enable future evolution to meet our customers’ needs.

An information categorizer


Ask’n’Read categorizes data according to several criteria:

  • Languages, geography
  • Types (institutional sites, media, blogs, forums)
  • Sectors, activities…

These categories can be combined to best qualify the data.
In addition, Ask’n’Read can handle bundles of sites or feeds. If you want to follow specific sources of information, or if you know exactly what perimeter to monitor should be, a package is the perfect solution. QWAM will help you define it if necessary.

Multiple Categorization

Initially, a lot of categorization work was done manually by QWAM, on reference sites as well as on news feeds. However, through the use of dictionaries, catalogs, and the development of machine learning scripts, automatic categorization is continually improving.

Categorization for

Ask’n’Read is based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. So every change in categorization within the database benefits all of our customers.

However, any customer can request personal categories for specific needs – just as a bunch can be personal.

An efficient text-to-text search engine

Keyword Queries

The easiest way to filter Ask’n’Read data is to define a keyword-based query. Our search engine allows you to enter Boolean queries processed by morphological scripts (root search and lemmatization). However, it is possible to specify specific keywords to avoid the “false friends” that morphological simplification could have created.

Ask’n’Read’s web interface displays two ways to define your query: a “simple” form in which you can insert keywords into three separate fields that you want the results to contain, keywords that you want the results to contain (at least one), and keywords that you don’t want to appear in the results — and an “expert” form to receive advanced syntax queries.

Advanced Syntax

Advanced syntax allows you to take your queries to the next level with greater accuracy by giving you new options. For example, you can specify proximity criteria (this keyword cannot be separated from this other keyword by more than X words), quorum criteria (X keywords in this list should appear in the text), and field restriction criteria (this part of the query is only for titles, not all content).

Advanced syntax is the perfect solution to avoid noise in results.

Qwam by ChapsVision expertise to guide you

We recognize the tedious nature of query entry to avoid noise. The QWAM team can advise and accompany you, or in some cases take care of these aspects as part of delegated administration.

Ask’n’Read is therefore a very wide source of information in different languages. Although not domain-specific, categorization system, combined with a powerful search engine, makes it easy to turn on filters for only relevant information.

This recovery can take many forms depending on our customers’ needs. Feel free to contact us to better define your project.

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