ACIC AutoTracking® enables automated continuous and autonomous tracking of an object/person through smooth control of a PTZ camera (pan-tilt-zoom). The solution is compatible with the leading brands and VMS on the market.

The main areas of application are high-level video surveillance projects, where the use of video analytics is intended to increase operator support for alerts. With AutoTracking, the target remains permanently in the field of view of the camera from the first detection.


  • Target filters: size / move
  • Tracking: Panning, tilting and zooming camera control



  • People
  • Vehicles


  • Stand-alone / Continuous

Triggered by an external signal

  • Via API
  • Coupled with ActivityDetection

This security solution is best suited for the following industries:

  • Airport
  • Boundary monitoring
  • Scope of protection

Some examples of references:

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