Panorama Detection

PanoramaDetection is capable of detecting objects moving over large aquatic surfaces (such as a lake, the sea). PanoramaDetection will generate alarms when objects enter the zone and can track them for a predefined duration. The algorithm uses a specialized thermal extraction method to detect foreground objects.

The solution is robust to harsh outdoor conditions. PanoramaDetection is a fundamental video detection product suitable for large-scale aquatic surface monitoring contexts.

ACIC PanoramaDetection® builds continuous motion panoramic video from a camera (visible or thermal). This GIGA pixel video detects a boat on the sea more than a kilometer away.
Optical RADAR for surveillance of large spaces – detection of people, vehicles, boats on panoramic images.


  • Real-time automatic intrusion detection
  • Filter on object size using calibration
  • Ability to track target by taking control of PTZ
  • Compatible with high-end thermal PTZs.


  • Monitoring Lakes and Seaside
  • Border Control
  • Channel Monitoring

This security solution is best suited for the following industries:

  • Perimeter Protection
  • Monitoring Cities
  • Transport

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