Zone Detection

ACIC ZoneDetection® is a video analysis application that enables accurate detection when present in a predefined and restricted area. ZoneDetection produces an alarm when an object of a previously selected class is detected in a secure zone. Constraints on object size and behavior can be used to detect specific scenarios. Intelligent algorithms adapt to environmental conditions to reduce false alarms due to stray motion or lighting changes.


  • Real-time automatic activity detection
  • 3D object size and motion filtering
  • Multiple Detection Regions
  • Multiple targets per camera
  • Up to 4 concurrent rules
  • Indoor and Outdoor Operation
  • Optimized Processing Platform Requirements
  • Server-based or embedded (for AXIS, Dahua and Hikvision compatible cameras).


This solution allows protection of the perimeter of a site, detection in an area, objects crossing a line or being too close to a fence, …

  • Outside restricted area monitoring
  • Indoor intrusion detection
  • Detecting people on rails
  • Barrier crossing detection
  • Standalone site perimeter protection

This security solution is best suited for the following industries:

  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Public
  • Business
  • Transport
The ZoneDetection configuration tool allows you to create up to 4 detection rules per video stream based on 4 different scenarios. To better meet the needs of the desired detection scenarios, ZoneDetection is offered in 2 dedicated packages.

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