data operating system

ChapsVision enables governmental and business organisations to solve data intelligence and analysis problems using a powerful cognitive operating system for analysts and business.

Fast, Agile and Scalable

The technologies used and the operating system infrastructure allow the management of very large volumes of data.

Most complete modular solution

The operating system adapts to your investigation needs and serves as a common base for all your applications, whether ChapsVision or not.

Boost your Turnover

The real-time use of available information by your IS accelerates your reaction times to maximise your growth.

THE CHAPSVISION DATA operating system

The ChapsVision operating system provides sector-specific intelligence, investigation and analysis tools that integrate data from different sources and provide a unified workspace for all search and discovery applications to uncover relevant information using advanced visualisation tools, Machine Learning, artificial intelligence and predictive techniques.

This sovereign operating system enables use cases in the field of military, security, social, political and economic intelligence. But also in the field of logistics, predictive maintenance, decision making in support of operations and trade. 




A Data layer in charge of indexing all data sources, structured or not, in an evolving repository of objects and relations, allowing a homogeneous and secure access to data, whatever their sources and formats.

It is broken down into 3 sub-layers: 

  1. The “Object Extract” sub-layer, which uses standard interfaces based on XML/JSON/REST to feed the index database. It integrates generic crawlers to extract relevant information from databases, files, emails, data-lakes, data warehouses, websites, etc.
  2. The “Object Store” sub-layer in which all these indexes are stored. All modifications are versioned and auditable. Each index is linked to its source to trace the origin of the information. This layer makes it possible to manage very large volumes of information.
  3. The “Object Graph” sub-layer, which allows all of these indexes to be presented on a graph model for a given user, with his or her rights and on specific versions. The Discovery layer relies on the interfaces of this sub-layer, guaranteeing secure access to the data without circumventing the rights in place.

An ergonomic console allows administrators to manage users and their rights at the finest level of granularity.

the open layer

A Discovery Layer to explore the information through a user-friendly interface; this layer provides the usual search, visualisation and analysis functionality.

It is composed of 6 modules: 

  1. A cognitive search module that uses natural language and completion
  2. A graph visualisation module to search for relationships between data
  3. A mapping module to geolocate data
  4. A visualisation module to create ergonomic dashboards
  5. A collaboration module that can, within an organised process, share information between users while respecting their rights
  6. A module for direct data enrichment from the operating system



A business layer where industry-specific scenarios are created and maintained.

It is composed of :

  1. An Ontology, i.e. the data schema of “Meta” Objects, Properties and Relationships
  2. A thesaurus, i.e. the industry-specific jargon that will be used throughout the application and documents
  3. Specific modules (crawlers) to pull in specific data sources, …
  4. A library of predefined analysis processes (to solve classical business problems)
  5. Forms to present objects in a form that speaks to users
  6. A dedicated development tool (Software Developer Kit) allows ChapsVision experts, our partners or our clients, if they wish, to configure and customise the software for their own needs.

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