Counting AI

Smart metering solutions for increased accuracy of metering applications.

Counting AI is a reliable and accurate camera target counting system. Our metering solution allows you to monitor real-time changes in the number of customers, visitors or passengers and to cost-effectively collect metering statistics in multiple contexts: station hall, platform, shops, cinemas, museums, etc., in order to improve profitability, safety, flow management, etc.


  • Count when a line is crossed
  • Real-time Counting
  • Customize the object you want to count (person, car, bike, mask wearing, …)
  • Counting in any type of medium
  • Using AI to Increase Reliability of Results
  • Alarms can be traced back to a VMS
  • Ability to centralize data on a platform


  • Store queuing, customs, …
  • Counts at the entrance of a building, parking lot, store, …
  • Counting cars at the entrance of a parking lot or parked in a parking lot
  • Counts in street, at intersections
  • City Traffic Optimization


  • Transportation (Station Lobby – Station/Subway Platform)
  • Airports (Hall / Queue – Check-in)
  • Shops / Mall / Museums

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