LPR Detection

LPR is an image analysis application running on an analysis server that allows the reading of license plates or ADR. and UIC code. This solution uses an ARH library for OCR.

LPR is a solution that allows you to detect and read a license plate when entering and/or leaving a site, parking lot or on the road. With our DataManagementPlatform, it is possible to record the plate or trace events back to a VMS. The reading of ADR. and UIC codes is also possible.


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Plate reading, ADR. and UIC
  • Integrate results into an operating interface
  • Discovery capability of different targets
  • Rugged in the shade and other light artifacts


This solution allows the reading of plates in different types
of environments and target types:

  • Plate reading in and out of a parking lot and calculation of time spent inside
  • Read ADR. codes on a truck trailer or wagon
  • Auto-detect vehicles incorrectly parked on the street and read plates
  • Check Truck Plates (tractor) and Trailer

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