ACIC Numbering is a system for counting people or objects within a defined area. It thus makes it possible to obtain a change in the occupancy of a space over time and to improve its management. Based on AI technologies, it can qualify or classify types of occupancy (cars/people/objects/ …).


  • Automatic area counting in real time
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Occupancy calculation
  • Integrate results into a operating interface
  • Discovery capability of different targets
  • AI Usage
  • Rugged in the shade and other artifacts of light
  • Multiple count areas with same camera


  • Transportation (Station Lobby – Station/Subway Platform)
  • Airports (Hall / Queue – Check-in)
  • Shop / Shopping Centers / Museums


This solution allows counting different types of targets in a or multiple areas and rate busy:

  • Counting people in a staging area
  • Counting cars in a parking, detecting and counting free spaces
  • Count people on a station platform

Some examples of references:

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