Traffic Monitoring

ACIC TrafficMonitoring is a video-based solution for managing and monitoring road traffic. The algorithms used allow the simultaneous processing of several traffic lanes outside and in the tunnels.

In all contexts, TrafficMonitoring provides real-time counting of individual vehicles or traffic-rate data. This suite of products can also detect incidents in the field of view of a dedicated or already installed camera.


  • Traffic data collection and incident detection
  • Individual vehicle measurements: time, length, width, height, track, speed and distance/time to previous vehicle
  • Traffic flow measurements, track occupancy and taxi speed assessment
  • Integrated classification up to 5 vehicle classes
  • Misdirection detection
  • Suspicious stopped presence detection in a restricted area
  • Traffic flow classification and detection of abnormal speed decrease
  • Works on PC server and integrated PC industrial traffic


  • Traffic monitoring for automatic statistics gathering
  • Real-time tunnel and highway incident detection
  • Automatic roadway infrastructure monitoring
  • Road Impact Analysis for Road Maintenance and Improvement

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