New acquisition for ChapsVision: Bertin IT and Vecsys join the French nugget

Paris, June 10th, 2021 – ChapsVision is consolidating its position as a rising player in the data analysis market for businesses and organisations. After NP6 in December 2020 and Octipas in September 2020, it is now the turn of the specialist in cyber intelligence, business intelligence, automatic speech processing and cyber security software solutions to join ChapsVision, the expert in data analysis software for businesses and organisations. Bertin IT and Vecsys deliver solutions in the fields of Defence, Energy, Telecoms and Transport. They are also present in the media monitoring, banking compliance and customer relationship management sectors. This new acquisition is therefore a natural part of the ChapsVision group’s global development strategy.

The group, which now has more than 300 talents and a turnover of more than 35 million euros at the end of the year, aims to become the strategic partner of its clients in its preferred sectors (Insurance, Mutual Insurance, Banking, Retail, Public Sector, Government, etc.) by helping them to go further in their digital transformation. ChapsVision enables organisations to manage complex business issues through a fully integrated analytical infrastructure and to take full advantage of the data revolution.

The synergies offered by this acquisition provide a 360° vision of the entire ecosystem (competition, market, technology, regulations, etc.). ChapsVision’s suite of software solutions enables the company to unify and enrich its knowledge of customers and prospects for a more relevant and targeted marketing, sales and strategic approach.

This external growth strategy, led by the company’s founder, the French entrepreneur Olivier Dellenbach, has made ChapsVision a leading player in the Data Intelligence market. This offensive approach has enabled the company to quickly have an integrated software offer to meet the business challenges of its customers in terms of sales conquest, customer loyalty and additional revenue generation.

For example:

  • Customer services will immediately see the value of automatically transcribing voice exchanges with their customers to improve the processing of requests and speed up resolution times.
  • Retailers, and more particularly premium brands and luxury goods stores, are eager to be able to centralise customer data and continuously enrich it to improve their customer marketing strategy.

Reinventing or reproducing what already exists is not a profitable model for a company. It is more appropriate to quickly acquire a critical mass by buying recognized publishers with very good products and a significant installed base. This is the development model I have chosen for ChapsVision. Each of the solutions and technologies we acquire allows us to rapidly develop our end-to-end analysis platform. We are the only ones to have such a complete offering in-house.” explains Olivier Dellenbach.

With organic growth in excess of 10%+ and strong external growth, ChapsVision expects revenues of more than €150 million by the end of 2024.


About Bertin IT


Bertin IT is a publisher of software solutions dedicated to the security of information systems and the advanced processing of digital and voice data.

Its cyber security and cyber intelligence offer is based on more than 15 years of collaboration with the French Ministry of the Armed Forces on issues of partitioning classified information and open source intelligence. Equipped with partitioning and filtering properties, its gateway for securing exchanges between networks in different operational domains is a tool for ensuring compliance by OIVs and OSEs with the LPM and the NIS directive. Its cyber intelligence platforms are used by numerous government agencies and large companies for threat anticipation and investigation purposes.

Bertin IT is also a leading player in digital intelligence and automatic speech processing technologies. Its market intelligence platform has won over 150 clients in the defence, energy, telecoms and transport sectors. With its multilingual voice transcription solution, Bertin IT is also present in the fields of media monitoring, banking compliance and customer intelligence.

Based in Montigny (Paris region), Bertin IT has nearly 120 employees, 50% of whom are in R&D, spread across France, the United Kingdom and Germany.


About ChapsVision

ChapsVision enables sectors with a large data footprint, such as Retail, Finance and Public Services, to successfully complete their digital transformation thanks to a highly complementary portfolio of business solutions fully integrated around a unified Customer and Product repository and a modern analysis and investigation platform. ChapsVision‘s aim is to rapidly build up a coherent and significant group, capable of becoming the preferred strategic partner of its Clients, through major R&D investments and a sustained strategy of acquisitions and international development.

Created in 2019, ChapsVision now brings together the activities of Coheris, Octipas, NP6 and Bertin IT and has more than 300 employees, more than 600 key accounts, and will achieve a turnover of more than €35M in 2021 on a constant scope.


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