Olivier Dellenbach appointed Chief Executive Officer of Coheris

The Directors Board meeting today, decided to appoint Mr. Olivier Dellenbach as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, with immediate effect, to replace Mrs. Nathalie Rouvet Lazare following differences of opinion between CHAPSVISION, Coheris’ new majority shareholder, and Mrs. Nathalie Rouvet Lazare, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, on the functioning of the future governance of the Company and on the methods of implementation of the Company’s strategy.

The Board thanked Mrs. Nathalie Rouvet Lazare for the work accomplished during the six years of her mandate, which has enabled the development of Coheris and its recovery, the company now operating with a healthy financial structure. In view of the modernization and innovation work carried out under the general management of Mrs. Nathalie Rouvet Lazare, the Company has significantly developed its client portfolio as well as the share of revenues from Cloud licenses.

The Directors Board also noted that the conditions for the payment of the severance pay of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, as set up by the Board of Directors on March 21st 2017, were met. In accordance with Article R.225-34-1 of the French Commercial Code, a notice will be published on the Company’s website detailing the financial terms and conditions of Mrs. Nathalie Rouvet Lazare’s departure.

Mrs. Nathalie Rouvet Lazare will not reinvest in the CHAPSVISION holding company. The reinvestment of the other key managers of Coheris in CHAPSVISION, under the conditions announced in the public offer, should be finalized in the coming days (see the offeror’s information note dated September 3rd 2019, approved by the AMF under n°19-418, and available on the AMF website, amf-france.org, and on the website of Coheris, www.coheris.com).

At the same meeting, the Board of Directors was reconstituted. Mr. Gildas Mathurin, Ms. Béatrice Vachonfrance-Dellenbach and Ms. Laetitia Beillard were co-opted to replace the resigning Directors (Mr. Phillipe Legorjus, who resigned on October 22nd, 2019, Ms. Catherine Blanchet and Ms. Corinne Fernandez, who resigned on November 6th, 2019).

Following the departure of Mrs. Nathalie Rouvet Lazare, the Board of Directors is therefore composed as follows: Mr Olivier Dellenbach, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jacques Behr (independent director), Mr Gildas Mathurin, Ms Béatrice Vachonfrance-Dellenbach and Ms Laetitia Beillard (independent director).