Announcement of the result of ChapsVision’s takeover bid for Coheris securities

Suresnes, October 10th 2019

Coheris (Euronext Paris : COH – ISIN FR0004031763), the leading French publisher of CRM (Customer Relationship Management and Customer Intelligence) and Analytics (Performance Management and Predictive Applications) solutions announces the results at the end of the offer period, of the takeover bid by CHAPSVISION, a company that is indirectly wholly owned by Mr. Olivier Dellenbach and his wife (« CHAPSVISION » or the « Offeror »), for the shares of Coheris, at a unit price of 2.27 euros (the « Offer »).

In accordance with the notice published on October 10, 2019 by the Autorité des marchés financiers (« AMF »), 2,421,500 shares of the Company were tendered to the Offer.

As a result, the Offeror, upon completion of the settlement of the Offer scheduled for 23 October 2019, will hold 3,657,576 shares of the Company, i.e. 64.33% of the share capital and at least 61.52% of the voting rights of the Company .[1].

As the Offer has been successful, it will be reopened in accordance with the applicable regulations and according to a timetable to be communicated by the AMF.

All of the documentation relating to the Offer, including in particular the offer document prepared by CHAPSVISION which received AMF visa no. 19-418 dated 3 September 2019, the reply note prepared by Coheris, which received AMF visa no. 19-419 dated 3 September 2019, and the documents containing other information relating to the legal, financial and accounting characteristics of CHAPSVISION and Coheris can be consulted on the Coheris websites (www. and the AMF ( and can be obtained free of charge from Coheris (4, rue du Port aux Vins – 92150 Suresnes).

[1] On the basis of a capital consisting of 5,685,575 shares representing a maximum of 5,945,002 voting rights, pursuant to the second paragraph of Article 223-11 of the General Regulations.

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This press release does not constitute an offer to acquire securities. Any decision relating to the Offer must be based exclusively on the information contained in the offer documentation.

This press release has been prepared for information purposes only. The distribution of this press release, the Offer and its acceptance may be subject to specific regulations or restrictions in certain countries. The Offer is not directed at persons subject to such restrictions. Accordingly, persons in possession of this press release are required to inform themselves of and to comply with any local restrictions that may apply.

Coheris disclaims any liability for any violation of these restrictions by any person whatsoever.