Economic and strategic intelligence

In a rapidly changing ecosystem, business intelligence is essential!

Geotrend by ChapsVision is a solution that meets the needs of any industry: research, military, security, trade, energy, information technology, environment…

In a rapidly changing ecosystem, business and strategic intelligence is crucial to navigating fast-changing environments.

Geotrend by ChapsVision assimilates millions of pieces of information from various sources and brings them together in a single map, highlighting all the economic interactions between market participants. Using this data visualization, the Geotrend by ChapsVision platform helps analysts, strategy departments, innovation departments, and competitive intelligence departments make relevant and holistic decisions.

Comprehensive and relevant decisions

Geotrend by ChapsVision allows you to discover a market through an actor or subject in order to understand its organization, its protagonists, trends, detect innovations, projects, investments and thus to focus on a more targeted and strategic deepening.

You're already using a business intelligence tool?

Geotrend by ChapsVision is a great companion that allows you to detect and analyze key information.

Go further in your business intelligence projects and move from the day-before to strategic analysis of your ecosystems!


  1. Take a 360° view of your markets
  2. Find relevant information about your target markets
  3. Monitor your competitors
  4. Identify market opportunities and weak signals
  5. Make relevant decisions instantly

Detection of weak signals

  1. Identify new markets, customers, suppliers, competitors, startups
  2. Analyze market trends
  3. Identify investments, contracts, projects
  4. Analyze market consolidation or expansion

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