AI is at the heart of the EXPLORE powered by Geotrend platform! 

Between writing your query and accessing the results, AI intervenes at several stages of your search: data collection, data processing, information retrieval. 

Data collection

Based on the user’s initial request, AI will query the web, social networks, and specific databases for a pre-qualified list of documents that will then be filtered using the relevance score. The relevance score is based on the occurrence of the query terms in the document, taking into account the specifications (Boolean operators, derived forms: infinitive, conjugation…). This score is used to escalate the most relevant documents that will then be processed.

Data processing

Information targeted to your search criteria will be retrieved from the collected documents. In the first phase, we extract actors. They can be of different types: companies, startups, universities and NGOs, but also people, products and technologies. We then extract the relationships between these actors in the text. For example, between two companies, we can identify a partnership relationship, if it is expressed in the text that they collaborate on a project.

Today, our AI can qualify 5 other types: competitor, customer- supplier, litigation, product and capital. The graph is built on this base of actor-relationships. Finally, AI will enrich this mapping by extracting all sorts of contextual information, starting with the dates of events mentioned in the texts, the dates of publication, the geographical locations, as well as information quite characteristic of our application, such as monetary values and keywords.

The restitution of information

We will store all this AI-extracted information to make it usable within the platform through multiple datavisualizations, so that you can see the relevant information on the EXPLORE powered by Geotrend platform and use it for your analyzes.

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