In a complex and volatile world, combining market and technology insights accelerates understanding of environments.

EXPLORE powered by Geotrend makes it easier for companies to understand innovation strategies by analyzing patent databases and scientific publications.

Understand quickly an innovative technological environment

Patent analysis enables you to anticipate the movements of your competitors by taking their deposit strategies into account in your analyzes and to detect new technologies to improve your production process.

    1. View an actor’s patent portfolios and compare them to others
    2. Identify technology dependencies
    3. Analyze business collaborations
    4. Understand innovative ecosystem technology and improve your processes
    5. Identify and compare strategic business areas
    6. Focus on an inventor to identify opportunities for partnering or skills transfer
    7. Go to a dedicated source: The EspaceNet patent database

Simplifying the use of scientific data

Based on scientific publications, identify the university network associated with a technology, evaluate its trend and use cases, and find new partners.

  • Identify which universities are working on a topic, analyze their interactions, whether public, private or cross-border.
  • Stay up to date with the latest technology.
  • Consult top authors, domain experts, and their affiliations.
  • Go to a dedicated source: Scientific Publication Databases

Key benefits of the Geotrend platform

View interactions in your environment

EXPLORE powered by Geotrend highlights innovations, trends, scientific research, and patents in a market through intuitive and dynamic visuals.

Deepen market knowledge

By combining economic and technological data, visualize key players in a market, spot new opportunities, and develop a sound and tailored strategy.

Ease collaboration

With an interactive team interface, improve communication and information sharing to produce strategic and comprehensive deliverables.

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