The Explore powered by Geotrend platform

A unique SaaS platform dedicated to cost-effective and competitive intelligence

EXPLORE powered by Geotrend is an innovative platform for business and strategic intelligence. Powered by artificial intelligence, the EXPLORE powered by Geotrend platform simplifies and accelerates access to all information about your ecosystems (competitors, partners or emerging markets, trends, patents and innovations), enabling fast, relevant and global decision-making.

It also analyzes millions of pieces of information from a variety of sources and brings them together under a single map to highlight all the economic and technological interactions between market participants.

With this data visualization, EXPLORE powered by Geotrend helps analysts, strategy, innovation, and competitive intelligence departments make relevant and holistic decisions by understanding a rapidly changing ecosystem through key strategic relationships.

Multi-source analysis

Open web

Reports and studies

Social networks

Specific Engines


Patent Database

Scientific database

An AI-based solution

EXPLORE powered by Geotrend maps have artificial intelligence algorithms.
AI is used to extract key information from documents (actors, locations, key figures, products, people, types of information, keywords) and to qualify the different types of relationships between these actors (investments, partnerships, competitions, disputes, …).

Real-time collection

EXPLORE powered by Geotrend requires no configuration. The platform finds all the most relevant sources related to the subject of the study based solely on keywords, language and time period.

Simple and efficient implementation

EXPLORE powered by Geotrend can handle 60,000 URLs per minute, delivering reliable results in minutes. It provides a unique search experience for the user with easy-to-use search capabilities:

  1. Enter your keywords in the search field
  2. Customize and refine your searches using boolean
  3. Select your search reference period
  4. View your results in minutes and analyze the information

High-performance mapping to quickly identify key information

With a single map interface, the EXPLORE powered by Geotrend platform allows you to view all major players and relevant relationships in a single view. 

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Security and privacy

Because access to information is also a sign of trust, security and privacy are one of our interface priorities. Developed and maintained by our in-house technical teams, all your information is secured internally on our own servers, while ensuring the confidentiality of your research and associated data.

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