Easy to use

Designed by UX experts to deliver a unique economic intelligence experience to all users.

No setup

Geotrend is ready to use and enables broad, near real-time exploration of all domains, regardless of sector or source.


Geotrend mapping allows multi-source data to be instantly aggregated and presented in a single view.


Geotrend combines the advanced data collection, analysis and graphical mapping of a complete ecosystem.

Innovative solution for economic and competitive intelligence

Geotrend by Chapsvision offers an innovative solution for collecting, analyzing and mapping multi-source information, using its unique platform for economic and competitive intelligence. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Geotrend platform simplifies and accelerates access to all data on your ecosystems for fast, relevant and comprehensive decision making.

One platform, several features

A platform tailored to your business needs:
  • Explore and evaluate a new ecosystem
  • Discover emerging markets, technologies, and partners
  • Discover new business opportunities
  • Monitor Competitors
  • Identify trends and innovations
  • Improve your understanding of a changing ecosystem for efficient, comprehensive decision making

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