Exploring new ecosystems

Understand all the issues in an ecosystem

With the Geotrend platform, discovering a market through an entity or a technology makes it possible to understand its organization, its protagonists, trends, detect innovations, projects, investments and thus to focus on a more targeted and strategic deepening.

Understand all the challenges of entering a new market or developing a new technology:

  1. View key players and their ecosystems
  2. Locate strategic geographic areas
  3. Detect market trends and technologies by collecting patents and scientific publications
  4. Identify key projects and contracts

Competitive Analysis

Better understand your competitors

Mapping can help you visualize your competitors’ ecosystem and better anticipate their strategic movements:

  1. Understand where their strategic investments, partnerships, or suppliers are
  2. Discover new products or projects
  3. Analyze the evolution of their R&D and innovation through patent collection and visualize all their technology partnerships
  4. Assess market position through cross-sectional analysis

Technology Analysis

Understand the ecosystem of your technology

The Geotrend platform facilitates technology intelligence through patent analysis and scientific publications:

  1. Find companies working on your technology and find technology partners
  2. Find innovative startups with your technology
  3. Identify key R&D collaborations
  4. Understand technology evolution and maturity

Supply chain analysis

Analyze and control your supply chain

With Geotrend, you can track and control your supply chain by understanding your suppliers’ ecosystem.

  1. Anticipate risk by detecting contracts, partnerships, and litigation
  2. Identify your tier 2 and higher suppliers to anticipate risk
  3. View potential company movement in the supply chain

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